Jeremy and   premiered at the Wild Project in Manhattan's East Village on July 18th, 2014.  The story follows Jeremy (Erik Kochenberger), whose perfect future falls apart when he learns his perfect girlfriend Jenny (Leslie Erin Roth) is transitioning to male. With the conditional support of his best friend Trevor (Billy Hutto), he journeys to the blurred edges of gender, identity, sex, love, friendship and football in this bittersweet comedy.  

Erik Kochenberger, Leslie Erin Roth and Billy Hutto

Jeremy: Erik Kochenberger

Jenny: Leslie Erin Roth

Trevor: Billy Hutto


Stage Manager: Anna Katherine Moore

Costume Designer: Jennifer Fisher

Sound Designer: Michael Brady

Assistant Director: Charles Quittner

Line Producer: Branden Huldeen


Directed by Lana Russell

Billy Hutto, Leslie Erin Roth and Erik Kochenberger


Billy Hutto


Leslie Erin Roth
Erik Kochenberger


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